HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK at the Holz-Handwerk 2018

The woodworking trade is a technology industry - never before has production been so fast and accurate as it is today. The possibilities that modern woodworking machines open up and how they make the best use of the raw material wood will be demonstrated at the Holz-Handwerk 2018 trade fair (21.3. - 24.3.2018) in Nuremberg.

Of course, HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK GmbH from Hilter a.T.W. Lower Saxony, will once again be showing the results of their continuous development work at the Holz-Handwerk. HÖCKER is one of the leading suppliers of professional deduster and extraction solutions and establishes new highlights for innovative workshop operation with its new and powerful applications in the fields of dedusting, briquetting, energy efficiency and mist-free painting.

HÖCKER trade fair highlights at a glance:

Höcker Polytechnik is the first filter system manufacturer to be tapio compatible. Woodworkers today know about the many advantages of a networked machine pool. The tapio system standardises the processes of all machines on a common platform. Höcker Polytechnik is the first licensed extraction system manufacturer with a tapio interface and will demonstrate at the Holz-Handwerk the possibilities that a comprehensive tapio Cloud with integrated extraction system offers. Even woodworking is becoming more and more digital.

Control features reduce energy consumption. Höcker controllers are true energy saving specialists. At the Holz-Handwerk, Höcker will show the latest developments. Energy monitoring modules and the latest PLC platforms provide the user with convenient access to essential consumption information. This knowledge is an important lever for the user to reduce energy consumption sustainably.

Improve air quality in work spaces with the MultiSens room air sensor. Höcker Polytechnik presents the powerful MultiSens Tool, which simultaneously records six measured values: Fine dust separated according to PM2.5 and PM10; temperature and humidity, CO2 content of the air and VOC (volatile organic compounds). If critical values appear in the measuring range, this is indicated by the practical traffic light function on the MultiSens. Of course, the values ​​can also be transferred to the company Intranet. Knowing air quality at workplaces makes it much easier to protect the health of employees.

Painting to perfection. Even workshops can paint today at industry level. HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK offers perfect solutions for every application, from paint booths to combined painting/drying booths and the XXL painting line. At the Holz-Handwerk trade fair, HÖCKER will provide insight into many reference projects.

The HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK trade fair stand in Hall 9 / Stand 9-319 is once again a popular and solid starting point for woodworking craftsmen and industry and furniture manufacturers.

Holz-Handwerk 2018, Nuremberg, 21-24 March 2018, Hall 9 / Stand 9-319

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